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Protecting your Teen Driver with Their Own Smart Phones. Embracing Tech

Tried of fighting your teen about their devices while driving? What can you do as a parent? Instead of fighting against technology, allow the newest innovations to improve your teens driving skills. Today apps are being created to help improve driving statics and provide accountability for driving behaviors. The time to fight against technology is over.

Distracted while driving is an immediate danger to your child and others. Safeguarding our teenagers is a parent’s number one priority. This is difficult when teens begin to drive independently. How can we as parents protect our teens? The answer is Wavyn! This revolutionary program helps parents start conversations and is continuing to help thousands of families across America.

Wavyn is a free downloadable app that helps your teenage driver redirect their focus, reduce distractions, prevent collisions and be held accountable for driving behaviors. This amazing free download provides parents with alerts and a scoring system that encourages their teens to make better choices while driving. Let this app provide you with accurate information regarding how your teen is driving in real-time. Teen lives are saved using Wavyn AI driving app to prevent front-end collisions.

Providing Accountability

All teenage drivers are at the most risk for a crash during the first month of independent driving. A combination of immaturity, lack of skills, and experience all contribute to their increased risk. Talking to your teen about their driving habits is important. In 2017, male teenagers involved in fatal crashes were two times higher compared to female teenagers aged 16-19. The presence of one or more passengers increases the likelihood of a collision for all teenage drivers, regardless of gender.

Ease your anxiety with Wavyn. This application transmits real-time information and alerts about your teenager. Speed, rapid acceleration, and hard braking are all recorded and tracked during driving. In addition, Wavyn will notify your teenager instantly prompting them to correct the behavior.

Wavyn sends parents a score, which will be higher if they drive safely. The platform provides the motivation for your teen to improve their driving scores. Drivers can review statistics from previous trips to improve their performance.

Wavyn in the Future

Driving behaviors can be monitored! Embrace the technology of the future by joining thousands of parents in the effort to improve teen driving skills. Using the Wavyn Driving apps helps parents hold their teenagers responsible for their speed, distance, and acceleration while driving. Wavyn provides parents and teens with a score that can be tracked for improvements. Allow Wavyn to provide needed accountability for your teen driver. Find relief with improved scores and instant alerts sent in real-time. Begin conversations about positive and the negative driving decisions your teen is making today!

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